WTA Spring Fever Tournament: Washington Swarm vs EBC Girls

Washington Swarm vs EBC Girls at Tahoma High School

The Swarm-EBC game was ultimately decided at the free-throw line. In a low-scoring and foul-riddled first half, the Swarm had pulled ahead 9-5 after nearly 17 minutes on the floor.  With three minutes to go, however, EBC hit a long 3-pointer, and then in the final minute of the half, dropped in several free throws to pull ahead 11-15.

EBC continued their run of scoring into the early second half. After three more minutes of play, they led 11-20. But after a time out and a couple of substitutions, the Swarm put a stop to EBC’s run and started their own.  In the next five minutes, the Swarm scored eight unanswered points (19-20), and at the 13:00 minute mark of the half, they pushed ahead again with a pair of free-throws and a score of 21-20.

From there, the game became a free-throw contest. Multiple players fouled out of the game. With 10 minutes remaining, the score was 21-21, and with 7:00 to go, it was still only 24-23. With 3:51 to go, the Swarm’s free throws had edged them up 26-23, and with only two minutes left in the game, they were up 29-23. But as fouls continued to rule the game, EBC’s #14 stepped up to the free-throw line and got her team’s scoring started again. As the free throws dropped in, the score notched up 29-25, then 30-25 and 32-27. In the final 50 seconds of the game, EBC hit two more from the line, and the game was close enough to go either way, depending on how the free-throws fell. With 12 seconds to go, the score was 34-32, but the Swarm were fouled one too many times, and after a final trip to the line with two seconds remaining, the game ended. Final Score: 36-32, Winner: Washington Swarm.

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