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WTA Spring Fever Tournament: Way to Win vs Washington Swarm

Way to Win vs Washington Swarm 7th Grade Girls

After Sunday morning’s win against EBC, the Swarm returned to the same Tahoma High School court to battle Way to Win (WTW) for a tournament medal. WTW scored first, and followed it up with a free throw for an early 3-0 lead, but the Swarm quickly matched them and pulled ahead after three minutes of play, 3-5. Continue reading…

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EBC April Assist: D-1 Elite vs Swarm Girls

D-1 Elite vs Washington Swarm 7th Grade Girls

In the tropical heat of Auburn High School’s Gym #3, the D-1 Elite girls took to the court against the Washington Swarm in a game that came down to the wire. From the opening minutes, it was obvious that it would be a close game; though both teams scored within the first minute of the game, they remained at a stalemate for over seven minutes. Continue reading…

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EBC April Assist: WEST Academy vs Washington Swarm

7th Grade Girls: West Academy vs Swarm

In the opening minutes of Sunday afternoon’s game at Sumner High, before the score keepers had even figured out how to add points to the scoreboard, the Swarm jumped out to a 4-0 lead against the girls of WEST Academy. However, WEST quickly regrouped and formed a stout, physical defense holding the Swarm scoreless for the next five minutes, while sinking their own two free throws. (4-2) Continue reading…

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State Tournament: Tahoma Bears vs Richland Gunners

Girls 7th Grade Gold Championship Game

For the state title, the Richland Gunners and Tahoma Bears hit the hardwood (or something very similar in appearance) on a court in the Spokane Convention Center. It must have been about the final game played in the tournament, because when I looked up from the action in the second half, I realized that the surrounding courts in the cavernous hall were all deserted, and all remaining eyes were on this game. Continue reading…

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