Chelsey Ebert Ferndale Jam 2018: Inglemoor Vikings vs Friday Harbor

It is fair to say that when the Friday Harbor girls faced off against the Inglemoor Vikings on Saturday afternoon in Bellingham, they were overmatched. The Vikings jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first two minutes of the game, and held an 11-0 lead after 14 minutes of play, when the Friday Harbor’s #23 hit a ten-foot jump shot for the teams first (and what would be their only) points of the game. When the dust settled after 44 minutes of play, the score was 49-2. Continue reading…

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Chelsey Ebert Ferndale Jam 2018: Inglemoor Vikings vs Cashmere

Inglemoor vs Cashmere: 7th Grade Girls

Cashmere and Inglemoor met at Ferndale High School on Saturday to open the 2018 Chelsey Ebert Ferndale Jam. Both teams hit the floor with energy and played strong defense, and the score was tied at 5-5 after the first seven minutes of play.  Moments later, though, Inglemoor sunk a layup for the lead, a lead that they would hold for the remainder of the game. After another five low-scoring minutes and clinging to an 8-11 lead, the Vikings took a time-out and redoubled their efforts on ball movement. It payed off.  At the end of the half, Cashmere trailed 10-19. Continue reading…

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Bothell Cougars Build Lead in Final Quarter Against Inglemoor Vikings

Bothell vs Inglemoor:  7th Grade Girls Basketball

In what must have been a frustrating game for both teams, the Bothell Cougars and Inglemoor Vikings met between the hoops at Timbercrest Junior High in Woodinville on Saturday afternoon. Perhaps rusty from the winter break, both teams were hampered as much by shaky offense as strong defense from their opponents. The close, low-scoring game was plagued by missed free-throws, missed layups, and missed 3-pointers that would normally have been easy for the players involved, but the balls just weren’t finding the net. It was not for lack of effort, though; the girls played with passion on offense and fiery resolve on defense. Continue reading…

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Inglemoor Vikings vs Newport Knights, 7th Grade Girls

Inglemoor Vikings vs Newport Knights

Late on Sunday morning, the Inglemoor Vikings stepped onto the hardwood of Tyee Middle School in Bellevue to face off against the Newport Knights. After winning the tip-off, the visiting Vikings shot out of the gates, gaining a 6-1 lead in the first two minutes of the quarter. Jarred awake by the surge, the Knights answered with five points to Inglemoor’s two over the next four minutes, bringing the score to 8-6. In the minute before the end of the quarter, hard-fought defense of both sides led to three more points from free-throws and a score of 10-7 at the quarter’s close. Continue reading…

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Jump Shot 2017: Elite Sports Academy vs Team Baisy

Elite Sports Academy vs Team Baisy

On Sunday afternoon, Elite Sports Academy took to the floor against a 7th Grade Team Baisy that had already secured the tournament win with their 3-0 record. After missed shots on both ends of the court, Elite took an early lead with a single freethrow, and then another single a minute later. Five minutes into the game, Baisy netted a layup to tie up the game at 2-2, and it looked like we were in for a tight defensive game. Moments later, the score was tied at 4-4 after both teams hit a pair of free throws. Continue reading…

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Jump Shot 2017: Hoopaholics Riley vs Team Baisy

Hoopaholics vs Baisy

It was not a close game, but the Hoopaholics never gave up. After the first four minutes of the game, the Baisy 7th grade girls had pulled out to a 0-5 lead, and a couple of minutes later, it was 0-9. Midway through the half, the Hoopaholics started scoring, and for several minutes, they traded baskets with Baisy, adding 7 points while Baisy increased their score by 5, making the totals 7-14.   Continue reading…

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Cherry Pick 2017 Tournament: Lady Local Hoops vs Team Baisy

Lady Local Hoops vs Team Baisy

On Saturday afternoon the Lady Local Hoops 7th Grade team tipped off against Team Baisy (wearing red Rotary tops), both teams coming off a loss earlier in the day. Playing ferocious defense all around, the girls held the score 0-0 until nearly four minutes into the first half, when the Baisy girls got on the board with a free-throw and then followed it with another a minute later. The first field goal in the game came from Baisy #25 with a clean three-pointer, the team pulling ahead 5-0. With eleven minutes to go in the half, Local Hoops scored their first two points and followed them up with a free-throw, but Baisy redoubled their efforts on defense and held the Hoops scoreless for the remainder of the half. At halftime, the score was 18-3.

Continue reading…

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