State Tournament: Lake Washington vs Inglemoor

Kangs vs Vikings: 7th Grade Girls Silver Division

In their final game of the tournament, the Lake Washington Kangs lined up against the Inglemoor Vikings on court 12 of the Spokane Convention Center. The two teams were well matched; both athletic, and only a couple of the Kangs players were significantly taller than the Vikings. As the first half got under way, defense didn’t appear to be the priority for either team, but the score remained tight: 11-11 after the first six minutes, and at halftime, the scoreboard read 24-20, with the Kangs just ahead, though there was some dispute about the board’s accuracy. Continue reading…

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State Tournament: Woodinville vs Inglemoor

Falcons vs Vikings: 7th Grade Girls Silver Division

On Saturday evening, the Woodinville Lady Falcons met Vikings on one of the dozen courts checkered across the floor of the Spokane Convention Center. Last November, these two teams met and the Vikings won in an unusually low-scoring game (19-15), and it appeared during the first half that we were in for another close battle-of-the-defenses. After the first eleven minutes of the game, the Viking’s #1 lofted in her layup to tie the game at 10-10, and although the Falcons pulled ahead in the final minutes of the half, the difference was still just a single shot coming out of halftime (13-15). Continue reading…

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State Tournament: Tahoma Bears vs Issaquah Eagles

Bears vs Eagles: 7th Grade Girls Gold Division

Under the yellow lights of the Valley Christian gym on Saturday afternoon, the Tahoma 7th grade girls faced off against a strong team from Issaquah. Through the opening minutes of the game, it looked as though the game would be a close one: Tahoma scored early, but the Eagles evened the score up at 8-8 and again at 10-10. Continue reading…

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State Tournament: Meadowdale vs Inglemoor

7th Grade Girls Silver: Mavericks vs Vikings

Keeping with tradition for St. Patrick’s Day morning, a rejuvenated Vikings team trekked out to the green-walled gym of Salk Middle School to take on the Meadowdale Mavericks. Again, Inglemoor got out to a strong start, leading 6-0 after three minutes of play, and building their lead to 14-2 with six minutes to go in the half. In the closing minutes of the first half, though, Meadowdale held the Vikings scoreless and started fighting their way back, closing the gap to 14-5 at halftime. Continue reading…

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State Tournament: Inglemoor Vikings vs Rip City Nation Lapwai

Vikings vs Rip City Nation: 7th Grade Girls Silver Division

Friday evening, the Vikings and Rip City kicked off the state tournament in the moody light of Spokane’s Warehouse athletic center. It was a physical game, and the referees didn’t even attempt to rein it in. Girls on both sides of the ball grabbed arms, pushed, and fought their way to the net. Inglemoor started out strong, building a 10-5 lead, but the Lapwai girls caught up midway through the half and kept the score close through halftime. Continue reading…

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Kennedy Catholic vs Inglemoor: Girls Basketball

Lancers vs Vikings: 7th Grade Girls

On Sunday afternoon, in their third game of the weekend, the Vikings faced the Lancers of Kennedy Catholic at Inglemoor High School. Despite an uncontested tip-off, the Lancers quickly jumped out to a 6-0 lead after just a minute and a half of play,¬† hitting three from the paint and relying heavily on muscle on defense. After some adjustments, though, the Vikings closed the gap to a single point (6-5) with about two minutes left in the quarter. But the Kennedy Girls were not through, and in the remaining two minutes of the quarter, they put nine more on the board, closing the quarter ahead by 10 (15-5). Continue reading…

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Evergreen Timberwolves at Gateway Middle School

Timberwolves vs Guardians : 7th Grade Girls

On Tuesday, the Gateway Guardians hosted the Evergreen Timberwolves in a game that started out slowly, with Gateway playing strong defense but slumping on shooting. Evergreen hit two free-throws over the course of the quarter, leading the scoring 2-0 at the end of the first. Continue reading…

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Basketball: Inglemoor Girls at Stanwood

Inglemoor Girls at Stanwood Middle School

Traveling to Stanwood to play one of the strongest teams they’ve faced this season, the Inglemoor Vikings must have known that to have a chance at victory, they’d have to play their hearts out. That is exactly what they did. In the opening minutes of the game, Stanwood pulled out to a 3-6 lead, but with 2:30 left in the first quarter, the Vikings tied up the game at 8 points each. Continue reading…

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Basketball: Gateway 7th Grade Girls At Heatherwood Middle School

Heatherwood Hawks Fall to Gateway At Home

On Tuesday, the Heatherwood Hawks hosted the Gateway Middle School 7th grade girls in a hard-fought but ultimately lopsided game. After both teams got off to a slow start, with no points scored in the first five minutes, Gateway begin sinking shots (including two three-pointers that were scored as twos) and by the end of the first quarter, they led 10-2, and as the first half came to a close, the Hawks had added four more points to the board, and fallen behind 19-6.

Continue reading…

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Chelsey Ebert Ferndale Jam 2018: BC Bounce vs Inglemoor Vikings

The Championship Game: BC Bounce vs Inglemoor Vikings

On Sunday afternoon, the 7th grade girls of the Inglemoor Vikings hit the hardwood to face an apparently older and taller Canadian team, the BC Bounce1 I don’t know the exact ages of these girls, but at least four of them play on their school’s (regional champion) 8th grade basketball team. Perhaps it’s just coincidence that they’re significantly larger and taller than the Vikings, but all evidence points to the contrary. Photos sourced from BC Bounce website, Twitter, and facebook, photographers unknown.. Inglemoor started the game fiercely with an outside shot and hard drive through the paint, pulling out to an early 5-2 lead. A deep 3-pointer by BC’s #9 tied up the game at five and the score remained tight throughout the half: after twenty-one minutes on the floor, the score was tied at 16-16, and at halftime the Bounce were up by only two. Continue reading…

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